Water sports is any physical activity that is practiced on fresh or saltwater bodies. It can be done indoors or outdoors. In most cases, watersports are done outdoors where there is a good supply of air. It is important to note that each water sport has got its disciplines.

Water sports have gained popularity mainly because of their health benefits. It is like any other practise of exercise. It is something that will reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

There are different categories of water sports around the world. Here canoeing and kayaking have been discussed.


Canoeing involves the paddling of a canoe by using a paddle pointed at both sides. A canoe is pointed at both ends and usually is propelled by one or more paddles. It is done as a recreational activity.

Canoeing is an ancient mode of transport. It was developed in the 1860s by John MacGregor. He came up with a canoe that made him travel all around Europe and the Middle East. He also promoted the use of these canoes in books and lectures. Later in the 1870s, Robert Baden-Powell also designed a series of canoes.

In between 1865 and 1866, John MacGregor founded the Royal Canoe Club in association with fellow sportspeople. There are different forms of canoeing that include canoe camping and canoe racing.


Kayaking involves the use of a kayak to move across the water. A kayak is a watercraft that is propelled by a double-bladed paddle. A kayak is ordinarily small and narrow. Most kayaks have closed decks. However, sit on top, and inflatable kayaks are beginning to gain popularity.

Sit-on-top kayaking is among the most straightforward form of kayaking, especially for beginners.

Kayaking is suitable for outdoor activities such as fishing, diving, rescue during floods, and wilderness exploration and search.

You should choose the right water sport you are interested in. You can also opt to try any of the above-listed water sports this summer as they are easy to learn and are worth your time.